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Witamy w AC-Consulting!

How often do you see patients for a check-up and never again for treatment? Why do they not come back?
Do you know how many hours you spend on free consultations on a monthly basis ?

Have you ever wished you had more time to listen properly to your patients?


We believe in developing deep relationships between the dental team and patient. To achieve this, our desire is to apply the role of Treatment Coordinator (TCO) to help improve the communication skills of the team. Our passion is the journey of the patient and how the TCO connects them to the dental team, whilst  helping to increase patient satisfaction and of course, profit.  

Today, the winning dental team is the one, that understands the patient and is truly interested in their story. Providing good customer service is not enough - it needs to be outstanding. 

Great clinical skills from dentists are of course necessary, but also the right personality, communication skills, and ability to connect with patients on a much deeper level, as this is what will help keep them long-term.

We are also involved in helping talented people to find their dream job as a TCO.

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We are a leading specialist with 10 years experience in UK dentistry and an understanding of all related positions in the dental practice. We have a reputation for identifying exceptional TCO talent to connect with our best clients. We therefore offer candidates the option of individual assessment, coaching, and training to help them towards their exciting new role.

We know that it is really hard for dentists to find a great TCO. Equally it is hard for a TCO to find the right job, as both tend not to use traditional routes.

AC Consulting now has a unique HUB to match both parties. Nothing is published and all details are confidential. It is completely FREE to use for the TCO and success fee based for the practice.

Simply e-mail us with your details and what you are looking for, and we will connect you with your ideal match.


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