What is a TCO?

What is a Treatment Coordinator?

Do you remember the time when dentists used to see patients with no gloves on, and there were no assistants or receptionists? In those days, there were no consent forms for the patient to sign - there were no treatment options either, as the dentist just did what they felt needed doing. How things have changed! Soon, private dental practices will not remember the times without a treatment coordinator.

There are different areas in which a Treatment Coordinator (TCO) can specialise, including orthodontic; implant; new patients; specialist treatments; referral; and many more. 

The main roles of the treatment coordinator are: building great relationships with patients, increasing the treatment value, and increasing case acceptance, whilst also making sure that the patient has legally consented to the treatment.

There are various ways the TCO role can be implemented, ranging from working from reception, to using a designated consultation room, or a surgery next to the dentist. 

Different coaches and speakers will tell you how the ideal TCO system should look. When thinking of implementing the TCO role, the most important part is to carefully plan first, to make sure you get the best possible fit for your practice, your team, and your vision. 

When thinking of becoming a TCO on the other hand, think of all the things you need to posses in order to be a successful treatment coordinator: the right personality, the right attitude, the right background, skills, and correct dental knowledge. Don't forget about needing real passion for helping people, delivering the best customer service possible, and about being a leader and great team player. 

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